Above-Ground Storage Tank Repair

Above-Ground Storage Tank (AST) Repair, Maintenance, and Replacement

Phillips Tank & Structure (PTS) offers exceptional technical expertise and a full range of products and services. Phillips is able to help customers with their repairs, maintenance, and replacements at reasonable pricing.


We require that all work, whether above ground storage tank repair or maintenance is in compliance with all safety requirements.


PTS specializes in AST repairs under API 653 in a variety of industries. Our repair services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Installing tank "El Segundo" double-bottoms with leak detection

  • Replacing tank shell and roof nozzles

  • Replacing tank internal piping

  • Replacing buckled or damaged shell or roof plate

  • Jacking and leveling tank settlement

  • Fixing cracked, heaving, or crumbling tank foundations

  • Repairing tank containment walls and systems

  • Installing "hot taps" per API RP 2201

  • Replacing stairs, platforms, railings, and handrails to comply with the latest OSHA requirements

  • Replacing liquid level gauges, valves, mixers, and other mechanical tank components

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