Above-Ground Storage Tanks

Tank Repairs & Maintenance

Above Ground Storage Tanks Repairs

PTS is proud to offer comprehensive above-ground storage tank repair, maintenance, and modification services. Our team of engineers will work with you to determine a cost-effective, high-quality solution to extend the safe operating life of your tank. Our skilled field crews will repair your tank to meet strict industry standards and customer specifications, including API 653 and AWWA D100.

Over time, wear and corrosion on the tank will require repairs. These often include:

  • Foundation repair

  • Bottom patches or replacements

  • Puddle welding of tank bottom pits

  • Shell patches or replacements

  • Roof plate or structure repair or replacement

Business needs and environmental requirements may require modifications to the tank:

  • Double bottom installation

  • Nozzle hot taps

  • Tank capacity increase

  • Geodesic dome installation

  • Installation of a new floating roof​

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Tank Foundation Repair

Tank Foundation Repair

  • Cracked foundations

  • Tank jacking and leveling

  • Spalling repair

  • Containment walls and dike system

Tank Bottom Repair

Tank Bottom Repair

  • Double bottom installation

  • Bottom corrosion repair

  • Annular ring repair

  • Chime corrosion repair and sealing

Tank Piping Repair

Tank Piping Repair

  • Inlet diffuser

  • Heating coils

  • Gauge pole

  • Pressure relief piping

  • Foam system piping and chambers

  • Water draw

Tank Shell Repair

Tank Shell Repair

  • Shell buckling

  • Shell dents

  • Shell hole patches

  • Nozzle hot taps

Tank Fixed Roof Repair

Tank Fixed Roof Repair

  • Cone roof repair

  • Anaerobic digester cover repair

  • Cone roof column settlement

Tank Floating Roof Repair

Tank Floating Roof Repair

  • Steel internal floating roof repair

  • Steel external floating roof repair

  • Aluminum floating roof repair

  • Floating roof seal repair


Tank Mechanical Repair

  • Liquid level gauging / varec

  • Valve repair

  • Vent repair

  • Tank mixer repair

Tank Platform, Stairs, and Handrails

Platforms, Stairs, and Handrails

  • Double and single-stringer stairs

  • Windgirder stair access

  • Tank ladders with cage and rest platform

  • Nozzle access platforms

  • Wing-rails and full peripheral handrails

Tank Platform, Stairs, and Handrail Repair