Tank Repairs & Maintenance

Nationwide above-ground storage tank repair

PTS is proud to offer comprehensive above-ground storage tank repair, maintenance, and modification services for welded tanks. Our team of engineers will work with you to determine a cost-effective, high-quality solution to extend the safe operating life of your tank. Our skilled field crews will repair your tank to meet strict industry standards and customer specifications, including API 653 and AWWA D100.

Tank down-time requires a quick response

Phillips Tank & Structure understands the urgency of returning your tank to service as quickly as possible. As a leading storage tank repair contractor, we provide you with:

  • Detailed technical proposals and solutions in 1 - 5 business days

  • Full, accurate custom drawing packages in 5 - 10 business days

  • Mobilization and delivery of custom fabricated materials in 3 - 6 weeks

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Why Are Storage Tanks Repaired?

Business Needs and Environmental Requirements

Business goals change over time, such as facility layout changes or storage of a new product in the tank. These changes often include:

  • Nozzle hot taps

  • Tank capacity increase

  • Geodesic dome installation

  • Installation of a floating roof​


Wear and Corrosion

Carbon steel storage tanks can rust or receive other damage during their service life, leading to leaks and environmental damage. Damage is often hidden behind insulation and on the underside of steel plates. To prevent this, tank inspections are required at regular intervals. Seal inspections and repairs can be done with the tank in service, however welding, grinding, and other hot work requires the tank to taken out of service before repairs begin. These repairs often include:

  • Foundation repair

  • Bottom patches or replacements

  • Double bottom installation

  • Puddle welding of tank bottom pits

  • Shell patches or replacements

  • Roof plate patches or replacement​

What Are The Guidelines for API 653 Storage Tank Repair or Reconstruction?

The tank repair code API 653 has specific requirements for any repair or alteration of storage tanks, paraphrased below:

  • Removal and replacement of shell plate material for tank access

  • Repair of any defect in the shell plate material

  • Change in the height of the shell

  • Repair of any defective weld

  • Repair of shell penetrations

  • Addition, alteration, or replacement of shell penetrations

  • Repair of the tank bottom

  • Repair of the fixed roof

  • Repair of a floating roof or floating roof seals​​

If you need assistance with storage tank repairs, contact us for a quote!