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Welded Above-Ground Storage Tanks

above ground storage tanks

PTS is a design-build contractor with extensive experience building and repairing above-ground storage tanks in the following industries:


  • Agriculture

  • Asphalt

  • Chemical

  • Institutional/Scientific Research

  • Municipal

  • Oil and Gas

  • Sheathing Manufacturing

  • Transportation

  • U.S. Military

Typically, Above-Ground Storage Tanks have welded steel construction with a fixed cone roof, geodesic dome, or floating roof. Depending on the usage, ASTs may also include one or more inlet nozzles, outlet nozzles, pressure relief valves, gauge systems, mixers, heating coils, diffusers, high liquid level alarms, fire foam systems, and overflows.​ Under federal regulations, an AST that stores oil is called a "bulk storage container", and requires secondary containment such as a dike, containment curb, or catchment basin.​


Phillips Tank's experienced engineering staff are well-versed in API 650API 653AWWA D100API 12D, and other tank specifications. ASTs must also meet federal, state, and local safety and environmental requirements.

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