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Tank Floating Roof Construction & Repair

Above Ground Storage Tank Floating Roof Repair

Phillips Tank & Structure's industry-leading expertise includes repair services for both internal and external floating roof systems.


Steel Internal Floating Roof Repair

Internal floating roof systems utilize two roofs built into one. The fixed outer roof bears the brunt of weathering and corrosion, while the floating internal roof keeps the liquids safe and vapor sealed inside. The PTS team has experience performing maintenance on complex internal floating roof systems to stop leaks or corrosion before the problem gets worse.

Damage and corrosion on a steel floating roof can compromise the integrity of your tank. Our team has ample experience in engineering to diagnose and repair your steel internal floating roof and ensure your tank is operating properly.


Steel External Floating Roof Repair

Your storage tank’s external floating roof is constantly bombarded by the elements. It is common for damage to develop over time due to corrosion and debris. Our repair specialists will thoroughly diagnose any issues arising with your external floating roof system and make the repairs necessary to keep your above-ground tank weathering the elements for years to come.

Conventionally, external floating roof systems utilize an open-top cylindrical tank shell and float on the liquid surface to contain vapors. The rim seals on external floating roofs have to continually stretch and contract to allow the floating roof to rise and fall with the liquid inside. That makes the seals prone to damage and leaks over time. PTS has experience with inspection, repair, and replacement of external floating roof rim seals, along with other comprehensive floating roof repair services.


Aluminum Floating Roof Repair

Repairing an aluminum internal floating roof requires specialized skills. Our technicians are experienced in repair of pontoon and full-contact aluminum floating roofs to ensure it functions as good as new.


Floating Roof Seal Repair

An advanced floating roof system does not do you any good once the seals begin to wear out. Vapor leaks from faulty seals will only worsen over time. Let PTS repair or replace your floating roof seals to ensure your tank remains airtight.

Other types of above-ground storage tank roofs include:

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