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PTS' mechanical repair services for above-ground storage tanks include:


Liquid Level Gauging / Varec 

Constant, precise liquid-level monitoring is imperative for above-ground storage tanks. Our experienced engineers and field crews can diagnose issues with your liquid level gauges and indicators, and repair or modify the system as needed.


Valve Repair

Above-ground storage tank valves are under a lot of stress. Over time, the constant pressure will cause valves to wear down and malfunction, which can render your entire tank system inoperable. Our team will troubleshoot any tank valve issues you are having and repair or replace the valves if necessary.


Vent Repair

Above-ground storage tanks rely on venting to balance the interior pressure with atmospheric pressure. Normal venting uses open vents or pressure / vacuum relief vents. Additionally, some tanks require emergency pressure relief vents. To prevent blocked or malfunctioning AST vents from crumpling your tank like a pop can, our technicians will repair or replace your tank vents to keep them in working order.


Tank Mixer Repair

Where consistent temperature or distribution is needed, above-ground storage tanks rely on correctly sized mixer systems to keep the product in motion. If your tank mixing system is exhibiting any issues, PTS will inspect, repair, and replace all of the necessary components to get your mixer spinning back up to speed.

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