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Whether your tank needs minor modification or major repairs, PTS offers a comprehensive range of tank piping services:



Adding a floating roof? Let PTS engineer an inlet diffuser for your tank to reduce turbulence during fill operations. When attached to the inlet nozzle, the diffuser's baffles or slots will slow the product velocity as it enters the tank. If an internal bolting flange is not present on the nozzle, our field crews can add the tank flange during installation.


Heating Coils

Storage tank products that must be held to a constant temperature will benefit from heating coils and tank heaters. The heat can be delivered using hot water, steam, hot oil, or indirect via thermowell. Based on tank usage, horizontal coils or vertical coils may be preferred. If using heating coils in high-corrosion service, a thermowell with an indirect immersion tank heater makes maintenance simple.  We have experienced personnel available to perform heating coil inspections, diagnose any issues, and make sure your tank heating coils are at full operation.


Gauge Pole

Modern safety and emissions control standards require tank gauge poles to be sealed with appropriate emission control devices. Based on regulatory requirements, gauge pole emissions may require a combination of gauge pole float, sleeve, or sock. Complete gauge pole repair and modification requires expert knowledge and experience. Work with PTS to engineer and install emissions control for your specific tank configuration.


Pressure Relief Piping

Tank pressure relief piping systems are critical to protect tank inlet and outlet valves. If your tank needs pressure relief piping or issues arise with an existing system, PTS can install valves and piping to ensure your storage tank is at top performance.


Foam System Piping and Chambers

Fire foam systems are imperative for tanks that hold flammable liquids. Diagnosing damage in the foam system requires a team with expertise in storage tank structural engineering, modification, and repair like the dedicated team at PTS.

Water Draw

Managing water in fuel storage is critical to reduce corrosion and maximize usable tank volume. During repair, PTS can upgrade your water draw with new pipe supports, bearing plates, and flanges for easy maintenance in the future.

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