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Tank Bottom Repair or Replacement

Above Ground Storage Tank Bottom Repair

After an API 653 inspection, any tank bottom damage must be repaired to API 653 standards. Whether the damage found the tank bottom inspection is in a small area or is widespread, PTS will evaluate the inspection report and create a timely, cost-effective repair plan to meet API 653 and owner-provided specifications.


Tank Double Bottom / El Segundo Bottom Repair

Many tanks are mandated to add leak detection and secondary containment when tank inspection dates are reached. Double bottom tanks are recognized by API and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as an effective release prevention barrier (RPB), a type of secondary containment. A double bottom repair uses a new steel bottom on top of the existing steel bottom, separated by an impermeable liner and concrete. The separating material can also be sand with cathodic protection embedded. Slots or grooves in the concrete allow the tank operator to monitor for leaks. This design is also known also known as an El Segundo tank bottom.


Tank Bottom Corrosion Repair

For tanks with slight bottom plate corrosion, a full API 653 bottom replacement may not be required. For minor corrosion or pitting, our knowledgeable crews will add puddle welds or patch plates to quickly return the tank to service.

Tank Bottom Cathodic Protection

Cathodic Protection provides corrosion protection to metal surfaces by passing a low voltage between an anode and cathode. The electrochemical reaction causes the sacrificial anode to corrode instead of the tank bottom or shell. The anode corrodes slowly over time, while the cathode remains intact, providing a continuous source of protection. If cathodic protection under your tank or suspended in the tank is damaged or has reached the end of its lifespan, Phillips Tank can install a new cathodic protection system.


Tank Annular Ring Repair

A faulty annular ring can be dangerous. Tank bottom corrosion that is limited to the perimeter of the tank will require an annular ring repair. Our engineers will diagnose the damaged tank annular ring and coordinate with our tank repair crew to repair your above-ground tank and keep it leak-free.


Tank Chime Sealant

Do not let water under your tank! Our field crew will seal your tank chime ring to ensure the tank bottom remains sealed for years to come to protect the tank chime and tank annular ring from corrosion.


Tank Chime Corrosion Repair

Our technicians will diagnose and eliminate any tank chime corrosion issues at their source, thoroughly repair any corrosive damage to the chime, and seal it to prevent future corrosion.

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