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PTS offers a comprehensive range of tank shell repair services, including:

Tank Shell Buckling

Shell buckling is often caused by wind damage, vacuum during offloading, earthquake, or foundation settlement, and can severely compromise the structural integrity of a tank shell. Our team is experienced with diagnosing the cause of buckling, replacing the buckled metal and reinforcing the shell to prevent future issues.

Tank Shell Dents

Do you really need to fix that tank shell dent? Let PTS advise your maintenance staff with a fitness-for-service evaluation. Depending on the location, type, and size of the dent, your tank may require a shell patch or insert.

Tank Shell Corrosion

As water or water vapor work into paint holidays and hidden crevices it causes corrosion. PTS will work with you to create a cost-effective repair plan to patch or replace the damaged tank shell and get the tank back into service.

Tank Shell Hole Patches

Whether you are dealing with a tank shell puncture, crack, rust, or other issues, PTS will have a solution to repair your tank shell to API 653 requirements.

Nozzle Hot Taps

In some cases, a nozzle hot tap is the only way to change nozzle configuration in an above-ground storage tank. API 653 lays out the requirements for hot taps for in-service tanks. PTS has the expertise needed to evaluate and install a hot tap nozzle.

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