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Tank Platform, Stair, & Handrail Repair

Above Ground Storage Tank Platform, Stair, & Handrail Repairk

Phillips Tank & Structure's expertise includes platform, stair, walkway, and handrail systems. Tank access equipment must follow OSHA guidelines for their design and installation.


Tank access is integral to the safety of your employees. We have the experience necessary to spot damage or structural issues within your platform, stair, and handrail systems before they develop into potential safety hazards.

PTS can repair or install new tank access as needed for your project:

  • Single-stringer stairs

  • Double-stringer stairs

  • Windgirder stair access

  • Fixed steel caged ladders with rest platform

  • Safety gates

  • Nozzle access platforms

  • Wing-rails

  • Full peripheral handrails

  • Platforms and catwalks to access adjacent tanks

Storage Tank Platform
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