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Fixed roofs for above-ground storage tanks typically have a diameter less than 120', but can be much larger with additional support columns. Steel fixed roofs include:

  • Cone roof

  • Self-supporting cone roof

  • Steel dome roof

  • Umbrella roof

PTS' roof repair services and capabilities include:


Cone Roof Repair

As storage tanks age, rain water and vapor corrode the roof plate and structural beams. Based on the condition of your tank, the fixed roof may require patch plate, structural repair, or complete replacement. Based on a third-party inspection report, PTS engineers will work with you to create a cost-effective repair plan.


Anaerobic Digester Cover Repair

Tank systems with anaerobic digesters are increasingly popular due to the renewable industry. We will work with you to repair and recommission the existing cover. PTS has the experience to repair any welded steel digester cover on the market.


Cone Roof Column Settlement

In fixed roof tanks, cone roof columns with inadequate bearing plates may begin to settle and cause structural damage. The PTS team brings unrivaled expertise to the table to repair any damage to your cone roof tank. Based on your requirements and our engineering analysis, PTS will provide a permanent solution to repair your tank.

Other types of above-ground storage tank roofs include:

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