Above Ground Storage Tank Foundation Repair

PTS' technicians will diagnose the root cause of foundation issues and work with you to create a cost-effective repair plan. Our comprehensive range of tank foundation repair and modification services include:


Fixing Cracked, Heaving, or Crumbling Tank Foundations

Storage tanks depend on sturdy foundations to spread the product weight. Undersized foundations or foundations built on soil with uneven bearing strength put the tank at risk of deformation and rupture. Based on existing conditions, PTS has the expertise to engineer a solution to safely repair your foundation.


Tank Jacking and Leveling

As above-ground storage tanks settle over time, the initial compaction may be uneven across the structure. Based on a third-party inspection report, PTS will determine if the settlement poses any threat to the tank. We have the most advanced tools in the industry to raise the entire structure with jacks to facilitate grout leveling or damaged foundation replacement. If these solutions are not economically feasible other options are available such as tank volume de-rating.


Spalling Repair

Spalling issues are not just cosmetic. They can worsen over time and degrade the structural integrity of your storage tank. Our team will diagnose the root cause of spalling, halt the process, and repair any damage.


Tank Containment Walls and Dike Systems

Our team also has experience engineering reliable spill containment walls and dike systems for above-ground tanks across many industries.