Storage Tank Design, Engineering, & Fabrication

Above-Ground Storage Tank Design, Engineering, & Fabrication

Structural Engineering, Analysis, and Calculations

Phillips Tank & Structure (PTS) can usually provide customers with a basic tank design for field-erected or shop-fabricated storage tanks in less than 48 hours. Other tank-related engineering services include:

  • Foundations

  • Anchoring

  • Venting

  • Flow-rates

  • 3rd-party design review

3D Design and Modeling

PTS leads the industry in its use of automated, 3D design software as the primary tool for design and detailing of structural components. The advantages gained through our automated modeling techniques include:

  • Automation of semi-custom structures and components

  • Immediate interference and fit checking

  • Better visual representation of structures for coordination with customers​

Fast and Accurate 2D Drawings

PTS provides 2D fabrication and erection drawings based directly on the 3D model, improving the accuracy of the drawings. These drawings allow us to fabricate at any qualified shop in the United States.

Professional Engineer Stamped Drawings & Calculations

PTS offers a variety of Professional Engineer (PE) stamped services for your above ground storage tank projects:

  • PE stamped drawings and calculations in all 50 states, plus 4 Canadian provinces.

  • Production of PE stamped drawings and calculations for tank design, foundation design, and permit requirements.

Fitness for Service Analysis

PTS has performed hundreds of project for clients who require their tanks to be analyzed for fitness for service. In many cases this analysis is completed for the purpose of exempting a tank from the hydrotesting requirement of API 653 following major repairs.

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