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Aluminum Geodesic Dome Roofs

Phillips Tank Geodesic Dome

Phillips Tank & Structure is a design-build contractor specializing in engineering, construction, and repair of aluminum geodesic dome roofs, welded above-ground storage tanks, bolted tanks, and other related structures.

Geodesic Dome Roof Construction

Geodesic dome roofs can be custom-engineered to fit nearly any size of storage tank. A dome spans the full width of the tank without support columns and can accommodate a cable-suspended internal floating roof. The use of a dome provides emissions control and adds cost savings by eliminating the need to paint a fixed roof.

PTS is able to engineer and install custom accessories that interface with the dome. Our construction expertise includes stairs, platforms, wind girders, rolling ladder access hatches, and tank gauge access points.


Based on site access, your aluminum dome roof can be installed with or without a crane. Our detailed 3D model of the dome and tank reveals interference during the design phase to eliminate surprises and downtime during construction.

Geodesic Dome Roof Repair

The Phillips Tank & Structure team has expertise in repair and modification of aluminum dome roofs From sealing leaks to installation of custom accessories, PTS provides a comprehensive range of geodesic dome repair and modification services. The strength and weather resistance of geodesic domes, combined with aluminum’s resistance to corrosion, significantly reduces the chance of damages that require repairs.

Aluminum Geodesic Dome Construction
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