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Silo Steel Support Structures

Phillips Tank & Structure (PTS) can provide engineering, design, fabrication, and installation services for silo support and access structures. Whether for truck loading, rail loading, or access to tall free-standing silos, PTS offers complete supply and construction of silos and steel structural supports. Our team of Engineers and Designers will work carefully with clients to determine the best solution for each project. PTS is pleased to perform any of the following functions for your project:

  • Structural Engineering and Foundation Design

  • Steel Detailing

  • Fabrication

  • Installation

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Silo Construction Types

The base of a silo is typically constructed in one of three arrangements:

  • Fully skirted, with a full-height silo wall covering an elevated hopper outlet;

  • Short skirt, in which the silo wall extends a few feet below the top of the hopper for connection to a support structure;

  • Flat bottom, with an auger or other reclaim equipment at the bottom of the silo.

Cone-Bottom Silos

Cone-bottom metal silos are used to store various types of materials, including grain, sand, salt, cement, and powder. Cone-bottom silos can be constructed on structural steel supports to facilitate loading materials for transport, and are typically used for temporary storage during trans-loading.

Horizontal Silos

Best suited for temporary storage, horizontal metal silos can be portable, and are used to store cement, lime, fly ash, sand, metal chips, or powdered waste as part of mobile construction sites or air filtration. When installed permanently, horizontal metal silos are installed on structural steel supports to allow gravity-fed unloading.

Flat-Bottom Silos

Typically installed at ground-level, flat bottomed metal storage silos can be used to store materials for long periods of time. These large metal silos normally use stiffening rings to protect from wind buckling.

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