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Bolted Water Storage Tanks

Price, Performance, and Convenience

Phillips Tank & Structure (PTS) provides installation and repair of steel bolted water storage tanks in the United States and the Pacific Island nations, wth installation crews based out of Pennsylvania, California, Texas, and Hawaii. Our team of Engineers and Designers work carefully with clients to determine the best storage solution for each project.

Bolted steel tanks can be used for a wide range of applications, including industrial water storage, fire protection water storage, potable water storage, wastewater treatment, and agricultural water storage. Factory coatings for carbon steel tanks include glass-fused, epoxy powder coated, and hot-dip galvanized. Bolted stainless steel tanks are typically provided uncoated, and are often used for food, beverage, or potable water storage.

Our tanks are designed and installed to industry standards, including AWWA-D103 for bolted water storage tanks. During design, fabrication, and installation, your storage tank will be customized to fit the unique requirements of your project. Bolted steel tanks have a wide range of accessories including custom hatches, gauging, temperature probes, nozzles, internal baffles, access ladders, and platforms. They can also be designed with sloped or coned bottoms to reduce sediment build-up and facilitate cleaning.

Storage solutions we work with include glass lined tanks, epoxy-coated bolted tanks, stainless steel bolted tanks, storage silo support structures, digester covers, and geodesic domes. We look forward to working with you!

Advantages of Bolted Steel Water Tanks
  • Easy Assembly: Bolted steel tanks are designed to assemble quickly on site, and arrive on the jobsite as a complete kit with hardware, structure, and accessories.

  • High Strength: Steel is a durable material that resists impact, UV damage, and corrosion. Bolted steel tanks are constructed from modular panels that are produced in a controlled manufacturing facility.

  • Low Maintenance: Factory-applied coatings prevent corrosion and extend the storage tank service life. Factory settings make quality control more consistent than field-applied coatings.

  • Customizable: Bolted steel tanks can be customized to meet the specific needs of a project, including size, shape, and accessories such as ladders, platforms, and overflows.

  • Cost-Effective: Bolted steel tanks have quick installation, minimal maintenance, and are easy to repair.

  • Easy to transport: Bolted steel tanks are shipped as pre-fabricated panels. This allows simple transportation to sites with difficult access.

Trusted, Responsive, Nationwide Tank Contractor

PTS has over 130 employees and specializes in designing, engineering, repairing, and constructing above-ground metal storage tanks and related structures. PTS has active projects in various industries, such as petroleum, power, chemical, and renewable fuels markets throughout the United States and the Pacific Island nations.

At PTS, our commitment to our customers shapes everything we do. We have served companies across an array of industries, handling new tanks, repairs, and modifications. Our collective methodology, industry knowledge, and exhaustive range of abilities permit us to meet one-of-a-kind needs of our customers as they react to industry expectations. We believe in good quality and on-time delivery.  We provide an excellent working relationship based on integrity and professionalism. 

PTS is your trusted tank advisor and provides The PTS Guarantee: if you find a less expensive engineered solution to your tank needs, our engineering work is free. PTS has developed custom, proprietary business systems that help it have the most accurate design drawings and competitive lead times in the industry. Also, PTS is a nationwide tank contractor that is willing and able to go anywhere, anytime to service your tank needs.

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Main Office

13 Talbot Ave

Braddock, PA 15104

(412) 315-7963

Houston, TX Office

4811 Cripple Creek Dr
Houston, TX 77017

(832) 900-2152

Hawaii Office

905 Kalanianaole Hwy #1601 Kailua, HI 96734

(808) 809-4200

Columbia, KY Office

3529 Wheeler Hill Rd

Columbia, KY 42728
(412) 315-7963

Signal Hill, CA Office

3106 East Willow St

Signal Hill, CA 90755
(412) 315-7963

Other Offices

Braddock, PA (Design/Engineering Office)

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